An Open Letter to Barack Obama (and ANYONE Mindlessly Following Him)

Revised: 8-21-12

Mr. Obama, I didn’t vote for you.   I freely admit I questioned your ethics, opposed your political philosophy, and had deep doubts as whether or not you have ever read, much less understand the US Constitution. And this was before your disaster of a health care bill- the one that a majority of Americans opposed- but you forced through anyway.  This is the action of a dictator or monarch, not a United States President.  You are not where you are to build a legacy.  You are not supposed to be in office to support certain special interests’ pocket books.   Apparently you and your friends in Congress have forgotten that you were elected to serve the American people, most of whom vehemently oppose this monstrosity of additional regulation and taxation of health care.  This action is reprehensible both by you and by Congressional Democrats.

I didn’t vote against you based upon your race, either.  I may be white but I really don’t care about race.  It’s time for the American people to get over race and/or privilege for special groups and embrace true equal opportunity.  Race has nothing to do with a person’s ability or integrity, as Martin Luther King so aptly stated when he envisioned a world where people would be judged on the quality of their character.  I was a fervent supporter of Ken Blackwell when he ran for governor of Ohio- not because he is a black man, but because he values the same things I value- the sanctity of life, the truth that free enterprise works when it’s left alone to, and his integrity is impeccable.

America was founded as a Christian nation, though there is no Constitutional mandate that endorses any one religion.  It is no business of the government if a person chooses to worship a Ford Escort if that is their preference.  Supposedly the First Amendment guarantees that right to speak about and practice your faith- unless of course you are pro-life, and/or a Christian pastor pointing out the faults of a particular politician or political point of view.  (We can thank Lyndon Johnson for effectively muzzling our pastors in regard to speaking out from the pulpit for or against particular candidates.)

There is no Constitutional mandate that forbids the free exercise of religion- including Christianity.  In  fact for most of this country’s history Christian thought guided our policies and jurisprudence.  I hope the American people have learned a valuable lesson in their voting habits based on the last Presidential and Congressional elections- that free bread and circuses and dirty backroom deals are no substitute for leaders of integrity, fiscal prudence and a firm belief in the Creator and His revealed will in Holy Scripture.

One of the cornerstones of Christian belief is in the sanctity of life, which is mirrored in the Constitution- that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights- life being the primary right, followed by liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   The Democrat agenda that has culminated in the “ObamaCare” legislation is a smack in the face to the framers of our Constitution- and an affront to God Himself.  Abortion and contraception are not healthcare. Taxpayers should not be responsible for footing the bill for others’ sexual escapades, nor should taxpayers (especially those whose consciences forbid taking innocent human life) be tainted with the blood of innocent children when their hard-earned money is used to subsidize the killing.  There is a God, and God judges nations for unjust killing.  God also judges those of us who witness wrong taking place and who fail to speak out against it.

Benjamin Franklin once said that one who desires both liberty and security deserves neither.  With rights come responsibilities- which is a common truth that has been lost on the Democrats (and a number of Republicans) for the past forty five years.  Lyndon Johnson’s “war on poverty” has not solved the problem of poverty in America.  Entitlements have only served as subsidies to generate more poverty. The everyday working class poor as well as the middle class have been taxed excesssively by every level of government to pay for those unwilling to work, the black family has been destroyed because they have been given entitlements in lieu of fathers, and three generations have grown up believing it is government’s responsibility to take care of them no matter what choices they make.  Our liberty- especially the choice to succeed or not- has eroded into a situation in which those who do succeed are penalized for their success, and those who wish to sit back and suck on the government teat are rewarded.  Shame, deep shame, on any politician who has supported and grown this inequitable system.

The Constitution clearly mandates  limited roles for the federal government.  The federal government per the Constitution exists to provide an infrastructure (roads and transportation) and for a national defense.  Instead,  our Congress and Presidents have chosen to squander public resources on pet pork projects designed to reward political contributors.  The current Congress as well as yourself, Mr. Obama, have occupied yourselves with such trivialities as whether or not you support gay “marriage” instead of looking at and guarding against very real threats to national security.   Nowhere in the Constitution does it say, “the people must buy health insurance so that the Congress’ and President’s pet contributors will be placated.”  The Constitution doesn’t mention gay marriage either.   However, funding our military and being sure it has the power to provide for the common defense (i.e. protect against terrorism)- which is a function of government- seems to be on the back burner of the Democrat agenda.

I am not the first one to hope and pray fervently that the filthy dealings in Washington are put to an end soon- first by sweeping out every traitorous Democrat who voted for this monstrosity of a health care bill this November, and by sending you, Mr. Obama back to the filthy, fetid backrooms of Chicago politics- or back to a third-world country, where everyone is poor, since it seems you want America to become a third-world country – in January.  I respect the office of the President- including the limitations of that office- and someone who understands and respects it as well should occupy that office.

Mitt Romney was not my first choice candidate, but I do believe that he presents a far more pro-American, God-honoring agenda than you, Mr. Obama.  Your loathing for this country is self-evident as is the fact that you hold business owners and those with industry and ambition in contempt.  Please do the American people a favor and let someone who loves this country, who has answers for its issues instead of blame and vitriol for others, hold the office of President.

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Barack Obama (and ANYONE Mindlessly Following Him)

  1. Jess says:

    “Anyone who would give up a little liberty to get a little security deserves neither” -Ben Franklin. Ma’am, I think you either misunderstand the quote or are purposely misconstruing it. Although, I know that it is terribly hard to check facts, (I’ve nearly been told as much by the wonderful customer service at FOX new) you might want to at least try before you publish a letter to a man, who regardless of your opinion on his politics, you must know has degrees from Columbia University and Harvard.

    • 1. I understand the quote very well. Franklin was referring to giving up one’s liberty for temporary security. (“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”) Perhaps you felt I was taking that quote beyond its originally intended scope to mean that it is inherently wrong for the government to assume control of areas best left to individuals and/or private enterprise. When the regulatory finger of government is pressed too tightly on business and/or individuals, everyone loses essential liberty. Let me put it another way. What would the Founding Fathers have thought about the way that our current government (and in this I am not just targeting Obama or even Democrats per se) operates?

      2. Anyone with the right amount of money or influence (or who knows how to work the system to get “affirmative actioned”) to get into a high faluting Ivy League school can get a degree from them. G.W. Bush was a Yale graduate, yet he certainly was no rocket scientist. As to Obama’s academic credentials, I say, so what? Frankly, considering how much higher education has been dumbed-down and made to be a mockery, those pieces of paper aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Wonder why so many college graduates with liberal arts degrees can’t get jobs? The reason behind that is that they are not taught the practical real-life knowledge and skills they need to be employable!
      The real test of a person’s ability and competence is based more on their experience and accomplishments rather than the theories they’ve been taught off in some ivory tower. I have met my share of educated idiots in my life- people who succeed in academia but can’t function in the real world. I am sure Obama functions quite well in his ivory tower. Karl Marx made sense on paper, too, but his ideology doesn’t work in the real world. Neither does Obama’s.

      3. Even though I can’t agree with them politically, some of my best friends are liberals. Go figure. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hans Schneider says:

      I do not know that he has a degree at all. Everything about him all been hidden from the American people. Everyone should see the movie “2016” and then do more research before they opine.

  2. Will Smith says:

    So let me get this straight–you believe that Congress and the President should only pass bills based on snap opinion polls of about 1400 Americans caught on the phone rather than the implicit agenda that the President and Congress campaigned on and which they got actual votes for. Millions of them.

    You are aware that those same opinion polls give majorities for repealing almost every article in the Bill of Rights?

    I’d say the chance of a Harvard lawyer and Chicago law professor knowing the constitution better than somebody who believes in opinion poll government is 100%

  3. Considering how shady and evasive the current POTUS has been about his past, and his strong Marxist leanings, I don’t trust him or anything he says. Anyone can say they have high dollar pieces of paper, but if you don’t show any proof of that, what are thinking people supposed to believe? I also believe there was strategically placed voter fraud in many states- in fact, ALL of them, including Ohio, that do not require photo ID for voting. I do not believe Barack Obama legitimately won the election of 2012 based upon the patterns of voter fraud. Why did Obama fail to win any state that requires photo ID?

    Though voter fraud is a serious issue, to add insult to injury, many of his policies and governing by executive fiat over step the bounds of the federal government, usurping authority best left to the states.

    I am sure that there are people who blindly believe everything this individual says and does, but as Ronald Reagan once said, “A Communist is one who follows Marx and Lenin. An anti-Communist has read and understands Marx and Lenin.”

    Lenin himself was known to say, “Elections don’t matter- it’s who’s counting the votes.”

    Anyone who thinks 115% of any precinct (even in a deeply liberal place like Cuyahoga County) voted for Obama (with 0% for Romney) is either a fool or doesn’t realize this last election was rigged. The sad thing is, Congress doesn’t have the stones to impeach this impostor before he does any more damage.

  4. Lady Millwood-Sinclair says:

    Oh deary me…You are the same age as me but seem so much older. ~You should try looking at your country from outside…..No, Obama is not ideal, but to say that Romney is preferable shows up some kind of discrimatory thinking.Mitt Romney is a complete idiot and you have no idea how much the rest of the world sighed with relief when he wasnt voted in. You are a child of the 70’s not the 50’s….Do evolve a little,dear….Constantly quoting unsavoury characters like Reagan won’t do anyone any good. Try imagining yourself in the overwhelming position as President and you will be a little better off.Obama has seen first hand what Bush(father and son both idiot psychopaths – obvious to the rest of us)has left him with – you havent. He’s your best choice at the moment and you should know that….And no, it wasnt rigged…..It seems that the rest of your country saw Romney for the Sociopath that he is – he was like a character from a bad film!!!! Who in their right mind would vote for that???. The world has more respect for the US because they didnt vote in Romney…..Please think about this….

    • Are you from the UK? I do appreciate a different perspective, however, Obama has been a complete and total disaster in this country. He has basically been using the US Constitution for toilet paper. He is inept, corrupt and completely unable to fulfill any sort of leadership position. Obama’s goal is to tear this country apart- and he’s doing a very good job of it. The Europeans may like Obama, the radical Muslims of the world absolutely worship His Nibs, and the freeloaders in this country think he’s God, but any American who understands the Constitution and believes that people who work for a living should be able to live on what they earn (instead of paying out all their earned income so freeloaders and non-citizens can have things working people can’t afford for themselves) is no fan of Obama and his regime.

      At least Romney did have some better answers for the economy, although even I have to admit I would have voted for my deaf and mentally challenged Husky before I’d voted for Obama. Romney wasn’t the best choice, for sure, but he was a damn sight better than Obama.

      As to voter fraud, I witnessed it myself. When the Democrats are bussing in non-citizens (who are NOT eligible to vote in this country) and having them vote using utility bills (which you neither need to be a US citizen or a resident of Ohio to have utilities in your name) I do NOT trust the election results. Until every person is required to show photo ID verifying their eligibility to vote and proof of citizenship, I will never trust the validity of election results in this country again.

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