Cheaters Never Prosper, Wisdom from Grandma, and Dick Nixon Redux

Another reason I never let people cheat off me in school.

Every human being who’s sucking up valuable oxygen is a hypocrite, a liar and by nature self-serving.  John Calvin was right, and anyone who has ever been around a group of toddlers, teenage boys or drunken middle-aged men will freely attest to the total depravity of man. Of course the political correctness crowd preaches just the opposite- that people are inherently good and that if we “all just get along” a beautiful utopian brotherhood of man will magically materialize and everyone will hold hands and sing like in that old Coke commercial.

This is, of course, coming to you from the same crowd who refuse to bathe and shave and think we should all bury our cars.

Nothing that some Brillo, Pine-Sol, a 55 gallon drum of Nair and a trip to the Great Clips won’t fix.

I will succumb to the unshorn and smelly over my dead body, which will probably be dead a lot sooner, thanks to Obamacare- another gratuitous waste of taxpayer money (or, shall we say a rather unnecessary bailout for the pharmaceutical companies who lobbied for it big time.)  Obamacare- a program that has made it so I pay three times as much for less than half the care I was once able to get.  I don’t think that the people who are getting free birth control really care about those of us who are paying for their free B/C but can’t afford the insulin and other essential meds we need to live.  Obama and his cronies sure as hell don’t give two shits in a baggie about people like me.  I’m probably already on the death list. However, I do hope I linger about long enough to at least make one person see the truth of what’s going on here.  I know it’s a very optimistic dream, and I don’t deal much in the currency of optimism, but I hope I get to see Obama’s impeachment day before I drop dead because I can’t pay for my meds.

I, for one, never believed in happily ever after.  Considering the way I grew up,  I learned with the quickness that a day without getting the shit knocked out of me is a plus.  I am way too pragmatic for that fairy tale bullshit.

I remember one of my Grandma’s old books I always gravitated to.  I wish I could find it, but I’m sure that my oldest sister has likely absconded with it.  Dad tried to keep her from getting her greasy mitts on everything that belonged to Grandma, but I know she took a lot of stuff she probably shouldn’t have.  I refuse to fight over dead people’s stuff.  My sister has always been a bit of a vulture anyway, so I pretty much accept that she will pick over dead people’s stuff even if she’s not really entitled to it.  Dad is afraid to stand up to her, and I refuse to fight over dead people’s stuff, so she pretty much had free rein.  Just as always.

Anyway, it was a big book of gloriously illustrated Aesop’s Fables and other morality tales (such as Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes) that aren’t terribly popular today because some of them are rather dark.  We wouldn’t want little Sadie or Finster to have bad dreams or to bruise their little self-esteem, now would we?

Utopian pied pipers never resonated with me.  And, I’m not a rat.

The bad thing is that kids aren’t learning the moral lessons that can be found in stories such as The Goose With the Golden Eggs, which of late has become rather aptThe “taker” element of the population has continually gotten greedier and greedier, and it won’t be much longer until they kill off the golden goose and then wonder why their gravy train dried up.  Even so, I believe the Obama machine did a little bit of creative “adjustment” along with the standard pandering to the typical “taker” who generally votes for Santa Claus on principle to begin with.

Here’s the mentality of the typical Obama voter.  Ask what the gov’mint can do for you!

Right here in Columbus the Dems were bussing in Somalians to the early voting center.  These are people who may or may not be citizens, (most aren’t) and who generally don’t speak English.  To add insult to injury, the Democrats graciously provided them with translators to tell them how to vote.  And since the Democrats in the state legislature decided it was just too much of a hardship to require potential voters to provide a photo ID, any Somalian or other non-citizen could just bring his/her utility bill and be granted access to vote.  The glaring loophole in the utility bill provision is that a person does not have to be a citizen to have utilities in one’s name.  Without a photo ID, how can you prove your name is the one on the bill to begin with?  I have to wonder just how many Somalians voted with the same utility bill, and on how many days?

I know for me the day after the election was just plain revolting, largely because of the widespread allegations of voter fraud occuring not just here in Ohio during the early voting, but also in many other convenient locations.  It’s sickening enough to be facing another four years of the Worst President in American History, but even more vile to entertain the possibility that the only reason he “won” is because of egregious fraud.

The sad part is, given Obama’s behavior in the past it would not surprise me one bit.  If he truly were an honorable person then he would have long since provided his background documentation.  Then again, if he were an honorable person… I could go on all day.

Grandma was never as cynical as I’ve come to be, but she too was wary of fellow humans and their motives.  Her way of putting that was telling us to “watch out for the crazy people.”  The problem is that the crazy people are the new “normal.”  Just take a leisurely walk through any Wal-Mart and this truth becomes painfully obvious.

Grandma also had a strong belief that what goes around comes around, or as the illustrious Steve-o is always pointing out, “your eff-ups will come back to bite you in the ass.”

I have two words for Obama and his cronies: Richard Nixon.   May a bit of 20th century history repeat itself.   May I also say, 1.)  the sins of Nixon are mere popcorn farts when compared to the felonies and treasons of Obama, and 2.) even the slimeballs like Harry Reid in the Senate will throw B.O. under the bus when the shit hits their own personal fans.

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