Dear Attorney General: Investigate the Voter Fraud!

I refuse to believe this last election was honest!

Here’s a copy of the letter I fired off to the Attorney General here in Ohio.  I probably wasted a 50 cent stamp on sending this communiqué through the snail mail, but if enough people scream, at least enough people will scream for what it’s worth.  I figure it might be less likely to ignore a snail mail letter than the constant e-mail and faxes they get.


Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine

30 E. Broad St. 14th Floor

Columbus, OH  43215


Dear Attorney General Dewine-


I am just a private individual, someone who is by no stretch of the imagination a person of influence or means.  I’m just someone who goes to work, tries to earn a living, and strives to be a contributing member of society.


When I was growing up, my parents taught me that being an American meant something.  It meant that we were free to participate in the electoral process, and that the people decide who will hold elected office.  Since the rather nebulous and likely not legitimate, outcome of the last election, I no longer hold any faith that government is by and for the people. It is very likely that the voters of Ohio have been misrepresented in this past election, and nothing is being done to investigate that very likely possibility.


It is even more disappointing to witness that right here in Ohio people were voting multiple times on multiple days with nothing more than a utility bill.  Never mind that one does not have to be a resident of Ohio- or even a citizen of the US- to have utilities in one’s name.  The voting-with-a-utility-bill provision seems to be the perfect loophole should someone want to contribute to fraud in an election.   Even worse, some voting machines here in Ohio automatically changed people’s votes for President, and in some precincts more than 100% of registered voters turned out- most if not all, “voting” for Barack Obama.  That is at best an aberration, and at worst, out and out fraud.


Unfortunately there were widespread instances of fraud nationwide in the election held on November 7, 2012, as are partially documented on the enclosed print out.  Many of these instances of fraud took place here in Ohio, as having a photo ID was not a requirement for voting.  Early voting opened the door for inaccurate tracking and multiple voting as well.


My question is, do elections really matter?  Or are the residents of Ohio simply going to be subjected to Chicago style thuggery and vote-fixing?


The inconsistencies and instances of fraud in this last election must be investigated and something done (let’s start with requiring photo IDs and/or proof of citizenship) to prevent such fraud in the future.




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