Sheena For President!


Note: Sheena died May 2, 2013 from complications related to mammary cancer that had spread throughout her body.  Even so, Sheena would do a better job from the grave than the current occupier of the Oval Office.  So would just about any other inanimate object.

Yes, she has a birth certificate.

Sheena has had a hard life.  We found her wandering about at the campground.  The slack-jawed rednecks who she had belonged to either got busted and carted off to jail, or they just packed up and left their trailer complex/meth lab/tetanus farm. Either way, they abandoned poor Sheena to her own devices.  Jerry felt sorry for her because she was wandering the campground looking for food, so we coaxed her into the truck and took her home.  We took her to the Vet and she got her shots and got spayed and all that.  Sheena does have some rather serious issues due to poor treatment in her early life.  As far as we can tell, these are her issues-

The slack-jawed rednecks that had Sheena sold puppies to supplement their income, (they also had a breeding pair of Miniature Pinschers inside the trailer that we had to call the Humane Society to come and get) so they kept her in a 6’X 6′ chain link enclosure so she could be bred every time she got in heat. Sheena didn’t much care for that arrangement, so she responded by trying to chew through the chain link.  Her incisors are completely gone and her canine teeth are reduced to stubs.  She still has the molars in the back, so she can eat just fine, but the front part of her mouth is a mess.

Sheena should never have been bred for a number of reasons.  She has severe hip dysplasia, as in the hip sockets are pretty much non-existent.  Her femurs are held in place by the muscles and tendons rather than being held in place by the hip socket.  Some dogs develop arthritis because of this, while others do well in spite of having an abnormal gait and difficulty running.  Sheena has issues with running and/or navigating stairs.  The older she gets the more serious an issue her HD may become, though making sure she’s on a good diet, that she gets plenty of exercise, and her weight stays “slightly lean” will help mitigate the effects of HD.

Dogs with this condition should never be bred.  Of course a crossbreed should never be bred to begin with.  As closely as we can tell, Sheena is a cross between a Husky and a GSD- both breeds that are prone to health problems, and God only knows what they were breeding her to.

To add insult to injury, we thought she was dense or thick because she only responds sporadically to commands.  Now we know she’s deaf- so she, and we, are learning the ASL signs for commands.  For her name we use the sign for “DOG” (snap fingers twice.)  For “come here” we motion with both hands moving toward us.  We are also learning the command for “sit” (sort of looks like someone sitting on a chair.)  So far so good- as long as we maintain eye contact.  We are considering getting her a vibrating collar in order to get her attention when she can’t see us or the other dogs.  Now I know why she didn’t come with the whistle or call unless she was with the other dogs.

I will say, perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek, that I’d rather see Sheena in the Oval Office than its current occupier. She has some issues.  She’s deaf as a post.  She’s not above munching cat droppings.  Even so, we know she was born in this country.  And the only behind she kisses is her own. She’s already two points ahead.

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