Beezelbub Has Been Identified! (Hiding in Plain Sight)

Ok, I am usually not into such puerile mockery, but I couldn’t resist the creative use of the “Paint” program on this one.  Does he ever shut up?  Wah-wah, Obama’s pet- Arlen Specter- didn’t make it past the primary.  Good. If only other people could see what I see… but (insert flicker of optimism here) perhaps they are.  I have always believed Obama is n0t just wrong, but evil.   His aim is to destroy this country from within and to fulfill Nikita Khrushchev’s  ominous prophecy on the future of America.  For those who don’t remember 20th century history, it was Khrushchev who said of the (now defunct may I add,) USSR to the US:  “We will bury you.”  Khrushchev and his once supremely powerful USSR are the ones who are dead and buried, and Obama has no business digging up those skeletons and continuing the failed socialist/communist strategies to destroy this country from within.  Once upon a time, going along with the commies and their ideology was called “treason.”  Obama’s bad habit of sucking up to leaders of terrorist harboring countries, and that boot-licking apologizing for America BS smack of treason as well.

Obama is not stupid, though he should have learned that forced collectivism has failed every time it has been tried.  His flawed ideology and his willingness to use any means at his disposal, be they honest or ethical or not, are what make him both dangerous and evil.   He has too shady and nebulous a past to be legitimate,  and he is doing so many downright spiteful and evil things now to have the best interests of this country at heart.  Maybe the recent primary surprises are sending a message- that the American people are sick and tired of Obama’s type of  “change.” 

Americans have never liked the idea of having a king- especially an arrogant one who imposes his “almighty” will on the people whether they like it or not.

Personally I would like to see Ted Nugent run for President.  Here’s a guy who would send a message to both the terrorist harboring countries and the handout crowds.   Rock on, Uncle Ted.

If being worth a shit were easy, everyone would be doing it, and if you observe the world around you, you will see that very few people are worth a shit.

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