No More Government Sharecropping, Equal is as Equal Does

Well, well, well. What an interesting day. It sucks when one is too busy to even blog although this particular hiatus has been rather interesting. It’s amazing how boring things can get at work when there’s no internet access. It’s virtually impossible to get any work done- and I have more than enough work that could be getting done if I could get online. The only reason this is appearing at all on WordPress is that this musing originated as a Word document I copied and pasted, he-he.

No sense in typing twice.

My trip to NC last week was quite lovely. It was extremely hot but otherwise a welcome reprieve. Of course I was in the boonies and no internet access there either. I had the laptop but all I could really do with it was watch all the George Carlin and obscure old Journey videos I downloaded. The closest I got to electronic fun down there was the DS, sporadic cellular service, and satellite TV that loses signal in cloudy weather. Electronic entertainment wasn’t really my aim there anyway. It was nice to simply toss the cell phone aside and float in the lake for awhile. Coming back to reality is the hard part but I can’t just float in the lake forever.

I wish I had brought the DS today. I could have played quite a few rounds of Scrabble, Solitaire and Bookworm.

It’s interesting to note that nobody really wants to say anything derogatory about the dead. The death of the illustrious Senator Byrd is a case in point. The guy was a Grand Dragon in the Klan at one time for heaven’s sake. He’s also probably one of the main reasons why WV is so steeped in poverty. He got them government pork – and increased their dependence on government programs and Welfare. I think it’s sad that so many see this man as a hero especially given his open racism and self-serving aims. If being a sugar daddy gets you re-elected so be it I guess, but I find it very sad that people so soon forget the Democrats were the ones behind segregation, Jim Crow laws and racial inequality. Of course the Democrats are consistent in their support of racial inequality- only today it’s in a backhanded way. Not even Senator Byrd would openly support segregation today- but he supported many policies that in practical application have consigned minorities to share-cropper status.

Affirmative action, quotas and special perks for minorities spring from a belief that certain racial groups are inherently inferior and therefore need special government subsidies to compete. So minorities are convinced that Byrd and his protégés are out to help them with special gimmies, but in reality their “charity” is based on two objectives: political expediency (everyone votes for the sugar daddy) and keeping minorities from succeeding through their own hard work and merit. True equality means leveling the playing field, not reverse discrimination. The problem is that government entitlements discourage hard work and merit across the board. Minorities settle for government handouts- at the expense of white people who have always had to work for a living. White people are doubly disadvantaged by quotas and affirmative action, because the reward does not always go to the best qualified, especially if the best qualified person is white. Why is it white people are conditioned to be ashamed to be white- as if white people today are personally responsible for racism against minorities in the past? Oh, well, the internet is back up…time to go.

I am not a racist, white supremacist or anything like that.  I sincerely believe that there will be no equality unless the playing field is level- no quotas, no affirmative action, but the freedom to achieve based on one’s own hard work and merit.

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