Stygian Heat, Like I’ve Never Been Gone, and So Much for Tranquility

This unfortunate choice of vanity plate has inspired me to make a few observations.

1. Are the powers that be at the Ohio BMV unaware of what the initials “FTW” stand for?  I can’t believe the BMV is completely devoid of bikers.  Maybe the owner of this Passat is named Franklin Thomas Williams or something, but if my initials were FTW I don’t think I would want to advertise that on a vanity plate.

2. If the owner of the Passat truly subscribes to the FTW mentality, then why would he give an “F” about wildlife?

3. If I were the owner of the Passat  I would have to take a secret delight in  basically flipping off the world via my license plate.

It is bloody hot here in central Ohio these past few days.  What most people don’t realize is that 95 degrees here might as well be 115 degrees because of the humidity.  Lovely Ohio weather- either cold and damp or hot and humid. Right now we are in the “hot and humid” season. “Cold and damp” will resume sometime in October.   Right now the air conditioner is struggling to keep up but at least I’m in where it’s cool and so far have avoided being carted off to the ER for heat stroke.   I have my iced tea and Powerade Zero so I’m staying in.

The dogs have the right idea.  So I think I’ll go back to sleep as long as people leave me alone.

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