Golf Spelled Backward is “Flog,” and Other New Things I Learn Every Day

I would have to think that advertising a “Blowout Sale” at the porn emporium is somewhat counter intuitive.  Think about it.  This is a place that sells inflatable dolls, ya know?  I sure would hate to think that “Hunky Hank” would spring a leak on our first “date.”   I highly doubt if Lion’s Den takes returns even if the merchandise is defective.  I  can’t imagine being the one to explode the love doll OR having to be the poor sucker who would have to verify defective returns.  Can you say contagious bodily fluids?  Nasty!

I have a whole week to make these kind of observations as I’m on vacation next week.  Since I can’t really afford to go anywhere I have plenty of time to simply muse upon things I normally wouldn’t have time for.  I discovered today while playing word find on the DS that “golf” spelled backwards is “flog.”   Yes, I would rather be flogged than to be forced  to play or even watch golf, so that was a minor epiphany.

I share some of George Carlin’s feelings about golf and golf courses.  It’s a tremendous waste of real estate for a bunch of pretentious, pompous fools to wander about chasing a ball.  When I worked at the Infiniti dealership we dreaded the whole Memorial Tournament deal as we would be invaded by every PGA wannabe who needed car repair. Infinitis are popular among the golfer set- and the out of town owners were notoriously demanding and rude.  Granted there is a lot of money in and around the sport of golf, but I have no use for it other than it is sort of fun to ride around in the golf carts.  I still for the life of me can’t understand why the real estate surrounding Muirfield is so ungodly expensive, as if it would be a good thing to live right next to a golf course where you run the risk of wayward duffers putting their little white balls clean through the picture window.  I guess if you can afford to live in that zip code you don’t give a rat’s ass about having the glass guy come out a few times a year.  It beats living in the hood where they break out your glass so they can steal your stuff.

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