The Wisdom of Reagan, Auspicious Ohio?, and Use Your Leverage Wisely

Yes, yesterday’s election results are (though not really a surprise) quite pleasant, but I will temper my glee with a few caveats.  First of all, if you want to ACT like the Republican you profess to be, look no further than the wisdom of the Gipper.  We the people voted for people who are going to act like Republicans, NOT suckupedy RINOs.  We the people said a loud and clear NO to Obama’s lackeys.  Think Nancy Pelosi and you will see what I mean.   Almost everyone Obama campaigned for went down in a blaze of shame. His endorsement should be considered the political equivalent to the kiss of death.    I think the only close Obama lackey to survive yesterday’s housecleaning was Harry Reid, and I have to wonder if that’s only because Nevada allows people to vote until they’ve been dead for a hundred years.  We all know how dead people, homeless winos bribed with cartons of smokes, and convicted felons prefer Democrats.

During the 20th century there was a political axiom that stated, “As Ohio goes, so does the nation.”  We can only hope so, if yesterday was any indicator.  Taxin’ Ted is out – and I believe Obama did Kasich a really big favor by campaigning for Strickland so much.  I just wish that if Obama feels he has to come to Ohio that he would have the balls to go to Cincinnati, or if he’s not quite ballsy enough, he might think about visiting some of the rural locales in Central Ohio such as Marion County or Morrow County.  That would be a learning experience for him.  All of Obama’s pandering in the union mob cesspool that is Cuyahoga County (and to a lesser degree, his pandering to the small island of wannabe elitist class-pandering, pro-homosexual liberals here in Franklin County, arrgh!!) helped people to equate Strickland with Obama.  Even though in Strickland’s defense (?) Strickland  is more “center left”- mildly delusioned and fiscally irresponsible- than “I’m-shithouse-rat-crazy ultra far left,” i.e. Karl Marx is my hero – like Obama is.  If one would remember the 2008 primaries, Strickland came out heavily for Hillary and only embraced Obama after he got the nomination.   Compared to Obama, Hillary (who we know is no friend to the cause of conservatism) is a moderate. One nice thing I will say about Taxin’ Ted is he didn’t shy away from the executions like our last wussy assed Democrat governor (Dick Celeste- what a nut job) did.  Ohio is a death penalty state, as it should rightfully remain. Other than that I wasn’t terribly impressed with Strickland.  He really pissed me off with the raising motor vehicle fees and gas taxes, and spending all that time and taxpayer money pursuing his great union-boss payback scheme to build the crazy train.   The unions owned Strickland as they do virtually every other Democrat and let’s face it, union boss control is a large part of why Ohio has bloated and inefficient government, abysmal schools, exorbitant taxes, and it’s a large part of why private sector business avoids Ohio like the plague. 

Unions are the elephant in the room that nobody wants to discuss but they are hugely responsible for the economic decline of Ohio.  Strickland was trying to keep feeding the union alligator like his predecessors for the past 60 years instead of confronting them…because they bought and paid for him to keep the gravy train pork projects and cushy redundant government and school system jobs rolling in.  It would be different if the train was something that would bring true economic development to Ohio, or even something that people would actually use, (and if non-union construction companies could actually bid on the contracts…) but  the crazy train isn’t practical.  I am really going to use a train that travels 40 miles an hour to go from Columbus to Cleveland and then be stuck in Cleveland for an inordinate amount of time with no car.  I might as well go to the nearest Crack Town wearing a t-shirt that says “Rape and Rob Me, Steal My ATM Card, I Have No Get Away Vehicle!”   I really don’t have any dire compulsion to go to Cleveland for any reason, and if I did, I would want to have  my car so I could get out as soon as I got my necessary business done.

All I can say about the recent GOP victories: Use our leverage wisely.  Remember the Gipper.

I have a theory about the next two years of enduring Obama (too bad we didn’t take the Senate too, so we could seriously consider investigating Obama’s eligibility to hold office and/or pursue impeachment.)  Obama is NOT going to be conciliatory.  He is far too arrogant and delusioned to think that the Emperor Could Be Wrong.   He is going to cling to the bat-shit crazy left wing  of the Democrat party with a tenacity and a delusional conviction that the world hasn’t seen since Johnny Cochran argued OJ must be innocent because the glove didn’t fit. 

The Emperor is naked.  Everybody knows it now.  The Emperor is Wrong.  The Emperor has just now effectively been rendered a lame duck.  His spell over the drooling masses has been broken, and his dive into delusion and vitriolic anger in the next 26 months will almost be funny to watch.  The Emperor is going to be GONE.  1-20-13. 

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