Grab the Velveeta Cheese and Marlboros! The White Death Approacheth!

A friend of mine worked in the Kroger’s store in Marion, and she claimed that whenever there was a threat of a snow storm the store would always run out of Velveeta cheese and Marlboros.  In normal places I would assume that milk and bread would go first, but I’ve noticed here in the greater Columbus area it’s not the weather but the time of the month that determines grocery store shortages.  Never, ever go to the grocery during the first week of the month.  Stock up around the middle of the month, especially if you want the stuff you can’t normally afford like beef or seafood.  The only people I know of who are eating steak and shrimp are buying said delicacies with the food stamp card.  I know it sounds cynical, but the reason why working people are thinner is because they are paying for everyone else to sit at home on their fat arses eating the food that working people can’t afford.

Granted, some people are on public assistance due to circumstances beyond their control.  Not everyone is working the system in a dishonest way.  I understand that.  But it does grate me the wrong way when I see the system being abused.  I’m paying for that, as well as I’m paying for a lot more government graft and waste, which is why all I can afford is the day old sale meat and ground turkey.

The Obama lovers wonder why conservatives are pissed.

Anyway, on a brighter note (after having to have a course of antibiotics for a Clara-inflicted neck puncture) Sheena has finally been pronounced free of any funky regrowths since her spay surgery/partial mastectomy.  That makes me very happy although she will have to be watched carefully for mammary growths for the rest of her life.  It’s highly unlikely they will recur since she no longer has a source of estrogen to feed them.

Now I simply have to try to keep Sheena and Clara from fighting.  It’s one of the harder things about having multiple dogs.  They can and do fight.  Clara fought with Lilo at first too.  The bad thing with Sheena is that when she fights she’s taking a  knife to a gunfight.  She’s uncoordinated and has worn down canine and incisor teeth.  Clara has a perfect set of teeth and spot on coordination.  It’s never a fair fight. I just hope Sheena figures that out very soon.  Clara doesn’t normally start it but she will finish it.

I’m not a sports fan but this is funny.  A big ol’ portion of crow for the president of OSU, eh?

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