Bunkies With Beezelbub, Absolute Power, and Who Needs What?

Now we know the Voice of the Teleprompter!

Perhaps it is not very nice for me to insult Beezelbub that way, but the pursuit of power corrupts in ways that can turn an honest man crooked, and a crooked man into a ruthless despot.  This is why the Framers of the Constitution wisely included separation of powers, so that at least in theory, no one man can hold too much power.  I am not a fan of our current president, to put it mildly.  I understand it takes a strong personality and a buttload of money to get elected to public office. There have been precious few po’ folk in the Oval Office (Harry Truman was probably the last.)  How many people with strong personalities and a buttload of money are particularly moral or ethical?  Some politicians are less odious than others, some are positively vile and devoid of any redeeming features, but as far as genuinely “good,” maybe they exist, but I’d need to see it to believe it.

Having neither a strong personality nor buttloads of cash, it is highly unlikely that I would ever aspire to hold public office.  I have a healthy cynicism toward politicians (even Republicans who claim conservatism/fiscal responsibility when it serves their purpose) anyway.  I don’t see how it would be possible today to be honest- or at the least to attempt to stick to one’s principles- and survive in the world of politics.

Ted looked normal, anyway.

I can see how psychopaths could do very well in the political sphere.  Is Obama Ted Bundy’s political cousin?  What about Bill Clinton? To be fair, the most recent president that Obama reminds me of is Richard Nixon.  Here was a guy who was also paranoid and secretive and involved in shady business, though Dick Nixon’s a choirboy (as is Clinton) when compared to the current Obfuscater In Chief.

I don’t think anyone’s in the political game for altruistic motives.  One can argue that there is no such thing as true altruism, because people reach out to others to fulfill their own needs for belonging and self-esteem.  Obama reaches out to the entitlement crowd because to them they’re voting for Santa Claus.

I can go on for days on this one.

Of course, human beings have needs.  It’s just not the function of government to provide those needs for people who should be working and providing for themselves.

Another tidbit from Psych 101: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Not to disagree too much with Maslow, but I know people whose hierarchies are a lot different.  Such as Jerry’s:

Not just any beer.  Natty Lite.  Acck.

I think that hierarchy stays pretty consistent as one ages too.  As a little kid mine would have looked something like this:

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose– the more things change, the more they stay the same, and yes, I drank coffee even as a very young child- thanks Grandma, for putting the Folger’s monkey on my back!

I think part of the problem with society today is that self-esteem is over-rated.  You shouldn’t feel good about yourself if you suck.  Normal people naturally feel shitty when they know they should do something about their suckiness. Save the feeling good for when you’ve accomplished something.

I remember all the vapid little cartoons and sketches and stuff designed for kids back in the 70’s to make them feel good about themselves. I watch that stuff today and a good bit of it makes me want to vomit.  Some of it was good, such as telling girls that they can be astronauts just like the guys, and that it’s OK for guys to cry in public, even if it makes them look like pussies to the rest of the world.   The problem is that touchy-feely stuff has morphed even further into the notion that the world owes you simply because you’re vertical and sucking up valuable oxygen.  I still remember Steve-o and his attempts at the “I’m entitled because I’m breathing” tactic to get out of doing unpleasant tasks, such as, “I don’t have to clean the cat box, Mom, because I’m just fine the way I am.”  Ok, keep up that philosophy and you can talk yourself out of doing anything menial- or meaningful- for that matter.   Nice try, but I won’t let you get away with it.  I was a Mean Mommy.  I made him do chores.  It was good for him.

I think for a long time Steve-o thought I was the reincarnation of Joan Crawford, which is erroneous on two levels.

First, I don’t believe in reincarnation. Second, Joan died in 1977.  I was born in 1969, which makes such a notion logistically impossible.

Why would anyone want to improve themselves and work to reach their potential if they’re convinced that they’ve reached the apex of personal achievement simply by getting out of bed? I have a problem with that.  Perhaps it’s my flaming type-A personality shining through yet again, but if you’re going to suck up valuable oxygen, do something at least halfway constructive with it.

“You’re not a *eff-tard…You’re just a tard,” probably isn’t a very good apology when you’ve called your son an *eff-tard in a fit of anger.  I’m sorry, Steve-o.

Mommy doesn’t do well with things like empathy and compassion.

Anyway, I know this election season I’ve found it hard to hold my tongue, and while I strive for civility, I often fail miserably.  It looks like I will have to settle for my two good friends, satire and sarcasm, to get me through.

Sadly, no matter how things turn out, ‘ol Splitfoot is going to have a field day.

6 thoughts on “Bunkies With Beezelbub, Absolute Power, and Who Needs What?

  1. Okay, whatever they told you in the 70s, it is NOT okay for a guy to cry in public with a very few exceptions (death of a loved one or dog, sports team wins championship after a drought of more than ten years, father on daughter’s wedding day).

    I don’t think self-esteem is overrated per se, but I would agree that it’s too universally applied. Self-esteem comes with having something to esteem. Now, I do believe in the case of a person’s physical appearance, you should believe yourself beautiful, whatever you look like. Does that mean you shouldn’t lose weight, dress nicely, etc? Certainly not–it just means to believe yourself attractive. I think people who feel that way usually ARE attractive. I’m not talking about girls in tube-tops ten sizes too small–I don’t think they feel they’re attractive, they’re just trying to advertise their sex, which almost every guy finds attractive for a while.

  2. I sort of disagree. It’s OK for guys to cry-but- it’s also OK if other guys, and women like me who aren’t particularly emotionally sensitive, acknowledge that in doing so over stupid shit means you are definitely a Pussy. Jerry watches those god-awful movies on the Hallmark Channel and bawls his eyes out. He’s definitely got the pussy factor going on. Chowing on Isabel’s catfood over the weekend probably doesn’t help (more on that later.) It works out though, because he has the touchy-feelies that I don’t.

    There is a difference between feeling good about yourself simply because you are vertical and breathing, and feeling good about what you do and who you are. The kind of self-esteem that comes from being a worthwhile individual and doing worthwhile things is commendable. The kind of arrogant puffery (which in all fairness should not be confused with healthy self-esteem) that comes from thinking the world owes you simply because you exist and take up space is what I can do without. That’s the kind of PC crap the educational system is throwing at kids today, and I positively loathe it.

    I did not let my kid ride that train. For good or ill, I think it’s helped him. He graduated college with a 3.0 (while working full time and being involved with having and raising a child, which is saying something.) I found out today he just got hired by a very prestigious European dealership here in Central Ohio as a technician. I hope my sort-of Joan Crawford parenting paid off some. I’m even more pleased that he’s staying in the Columbus area at least for now. There are some fantastic opportunities for techs here- and if he gets proficient at electrical diagnostic and electronic controls, he can write his own check anywhere.

    There is no crime in being large, and a lot of beautiful people are large, but nobody wants to see thunder thighs, back fat, beer bellies and meaty arms. Just dress accordingly, out of respect for the eyeballs of the world if nothing else. Modesty is not a dirty word. After the freak fest at the Fair I see the world could definitely use more modesty, at least in clothing choice!

  3. That’s awesome about your boy. Having a kid can make you grow up. I waited until my 30s for that very reason. I didn’t want to wake up one day and decide I was gonna live the wild 20’s I never had at my kids expense.

    I agree with you re: big people=no spandex (I’m paraphrasing).

  4. John Wayne Gacy was involved with Chicago Democrats, if we want to argue the political affiliations of psychopaths. Perhaps given that B.O. is a Chicago Democrat, perhaps Gacy would have been a better example. Serial killers know no political boundaries. They can exploit either side. It is a common thread – and the purpose of the example- that psychopaths can do very well in both the political and business arenas. It’s about their ability to manipulate and deceive people to achieve their own personal ends.

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