Playing Devil’s Advocate, a Perfect World #656, and My Little Dystopia

red guy buttwalkThe Red Guy from Cow and Chicken

I have to admit I like cartoons a little bit too much, especially the late 80’s-90’s cartoons like Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory, Two Stupid Dogs, Ren and Stimpy and Johnny Bravo (you can still catch these late at night on Boomerang from time to time.)  The artwork is simple and mostly computer-generated (as is pretty much all animation these days) but the story lines are blessedly twisted and a little bit unexpected.

I watch TV or go to movies for one of two reasons.  One is to learn something, which is why I enjoy documentaries and nature shows.  I’ve probably spent more time watching documentaries on WWII than the actual war lasted, which is a sort of sad commentary on just how much I live life vicariously.  The other reason I watch TV or go to movies is because I want to laugh.  I enjoy World’s Dumbest and 1000 Ways to Die because they’re not only educational but funny in a twisted way.

I stopped caring a LONG time ago about dippy celebrities (I could care less about the Kardashians and who they’re currently landing in bed with) and drippy lame pop stars.

kardashian_sistersThey may be brunettes, but they’re still no-talent dingbats.  However, their handlers are doing something right.  They’re dingbats with more money than I’ll ever see.

In the 80s we had some good pop (though there was a fair share of really bad pop music then as well) and some really awesome rock and metal.  Rock and metal have been long since been overtaken by rap, which pretty much sucks. Country has always sucked, but today it is a just bit less sucky than it once was.  I can’t understand or get much into techno either.  That stuff sounds like the soundtrack for a cheap porn movie.   Today it pretty much ALL sucks, unless it’s new material from an older artist such as Neal Schon.  Yes I really do enjoy The Callingand most of his other solo stuff too, although if you want to try it out- a caution.   Schon’s solo stuff is nothing like Journey.  The Calling is jazz fusion instrumental music that’s generally only going to appeal to musicians.  Guitar players and anyone trained in any of the disciplines of classical music will appreciate this stuff, but to assume it will be popular with the masses is sort of like expecting Billy Joe Jim Bob to get into La Bohème.  It’s not going to happen.

In a perfect world, all the men would be buff. And they would all be wearing Spandex pants, like these:

pantsMan pants- but ONLY for the buff.

Of course, since most men are not this buff, baggy jeans or sweatpants will have to do.

Jerry so far has actually gone to the Y, but has only checked out the equipment. So far he has not dared to don the sweatpants or to actually use any of the workout equipment.  I’m hoping to get him to that point tonight, now that he’s seen that all the other 50-something men there are wearing plain old dollar store sweatpants and t-shirts and even those awful Velcro tennis shoes.  He will fit right in that fashion parade.

4 thoughts on “Playing Devil’s Advocate, a Perfect World #656, and My Little Dystopia

  1. I’d like to say that I could wear those man pants, but that would not only be a lie, but a rather pathetic one. If I were wearing that, it would look like I was smuggling sausage–but here, I’m talking about my LEGS.

    I would take issue with your contention that country music has gotten better (although in fairness, as someone who’s not a country music fan talking to someone else who’s not a country music fan, this is truly the argument of the ignorant). The little I hear on the radio doesn’t sound like an improvement. However, i think that alternative country artists are getting more exposure, which will hopefully breathe new life into popular country. I’m not holding my breath, however.

    We have vastly different taste in television (I like animation, but I’m not a fan of the cartoons you mentioned, and World’s Dumbest/America’s Funniest just make me angry), but I’m right with you on vapid celebrities. I’d say I stopped caring years ago, but the truth is I never really cared.

    • Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Jerry still can’t see why I find Benny Hill and Monty Python hilarious. I think he’s equally vexed over my current obsession with the BBC Top Gear. Granted, watching three old Brits drive and critique cars I’ve never seen before and that you can’t buy in the US should be boring, but for a motorhead like me, it’s anything but.

      I’ve had a soft spot for things Brit most of my life though. Never been to the UK, but I find Brits fascinating.

      Country music is dreadful, but at least today it’s a skoche better than in the days of the really horribly twangy, “my dog died and my Momma was drunk and got hit by a train” days.

      Now if Steve-o would just explain that techno song he likes that starts off with “Everywhere I go/bitches always know/Charlie Sheen has got a weenie/that he loves to show/”, maybe I would be more “with it,” but I doubt it.

      • British humor- you either get it or you don’t. I used to stay up late as a kid and sneak downstairs and watch Benny Hill with Dad. Mom would have soiled herself, but Dad and I thought it was funny.

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