A Public Service Message for All the Little Big Men

When you’re home at night and your wife is busy pussy-whipping your pathetic ass (again) I hope you have the balls to talk to her the way you think you can get away with talking to me.

Then I hope she beats your ass the way I wish I could but won’t because I am too professional. In spite of your pompousness and rudeness I need this job, otherwise I’d thrash you worse than your old lady could dream of.

Believe that, ass pilots of the world.

2 thoughts on “A Public Service Message for All the Little Big Men

  1. I got here late (like a month late), but I can only assume this is in reaction to something that happened. I’m sorry. There are stupid-ass people out there. Sometimes that’s all you can say.

    • All I can do when certain guys with controlling wives at home behave that way with me (because they think they can get away with it) is to know what they’re in for when they get home, and that no retribution on my part is necessary. Things have a way of coming around.

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