Some Serious Political Thought from a Conservative, Historical Perspective

I admit I enjoy political humor, partially because a lot of it is rooted in fact, and partially because I have a deep distrust and disdain toward certain politicians and political candidates.  I have my own perspective on government and society that is exactly that: my own.   I ADMIT, YES, I  AM BIASED.  And so is everyone else.

My opinions come from where I come from- I saw my hometown destroyed by a combination of a bad economy, inept over-government, and union greed back in the 1970’s-early 1980’s.  Thirty + years later and the place has never recovered.  It’s a haven for governmental dependents and drug abusers, but not for anyone who wants to both live and work there.  If you want to live there and have a job, you need to drive, and then the trade off for the dirt cheap real estate is the combination of sky-high artificially inflated gasoline prices, and the worry about whether or not the neighborhood crack-heads will steal you blind while you’re at work.

Unfortunately I am seeing history repeating itself before my eyes.  We saw this (though not with the petty dictator dynamic added) before under Jimmy Carter, and free enterprise is still suffering under the regulatory thumbs of the bureaucracies initiated under his watch- the EPA especially, being a major inhibitor to domestic energy development and industrial competitiveness.  The governmental dependence crowd (i.e. socialist crowd) is spouting the same garbage they spouted in the 1970’s- if only the government and to a lesser extent, the unions, control everything, if we “protect the environment” to the extent of endangering national security, it will all be hunky-dory.  Perhaps it will be for those dependent on the government or for union lackeys, or for those who really admire the Chinese system of government, but at whose expense?  Apparently it’s at my expense!  I have the right (at least for now) under the First Amendment to call it as I see it.

Yesterday a friend questioned me regarding some satirical critique of Obama that I shared on Facebook.  She seemed aghast that I didn’t believe that Obama was the greatest thing to come about since sliced bread, and offended that I dare criticize him.  Frankly, I think I was more shocked than anything that anyone could believe this joker is doing a good job while he routinely violates the Constitution with his executive orders and power grabs, but I truly don’t want to be hurtful to anyone just because they believe in someone who I think is evil and wrong.

But in the name of fairness- and knowing my intense bias against all things even remotely socialist- I tried to think of some good things about Obama. I wanted to make sure in my own mind that I wasn’t basing my disdain of him and his policies on emotion instead of fact, or just having a knee jerk reaction against him because he offends me to my conservative Republican core.  I generally don’t operate that way- if an idea can’t get past the logical tests in my mind, it doesn’t get to that stunted little emotional stub I have, but for my own confidence I had to go back and re-examine the facts.

The first problem I have with Obama is that he is a socialist.  I believe socialism is inherently morally wrong, but more importantly, it’s proven that it doesn’t work.  It takes away people’s incentives and steals their purpose and productivity.   But Obama’s all about the redistribution of wealth-i.e. stealing from the (former) middle class to give to his cronies and contributors (see how the oil companies and pharmaceutical companies are making out) as well as those unwilling to work.  That is a fact, and yes, it does piss me off, especially because I’m one of the ones getting screwed by his policies.  I used to have decent health insurance.  Now I pay twice as much for insurance that doesn’t cover a damned thing until I pay the first five grand.  Progress, my ass.  And that nifty little provision that my kid who is almost 21 should remain my “dependent” until age 26- even though he is working and trying to support a child of his own- is a nice little turd on top of the icing on that cake too.

You get more of what you subsidize.  Encouraging young people to remain in their parents’ basements, etc. past age 18 and even past age 21- the only benefit I see in this is to make their parents have to pay even more for health insurance that they already can’t afford, and to make it harder for them to get student loans- is a huge crock of shit.  How about subsidizing and encouraging people to be adults and support themselves like adults once they turn 18?

I have to say it does bother me quite a bit that I am being taxed to death so other people can have what I can’t afford- for free.  I won’t blame all that on Obama, but he supports that mentality- so supporting him isn’t doing anything for me or for people in the same position I am.  And when I die because I can no longer afford medical care or my scripts, there’s one less person to vote against him, for whatever that’s worth.

The other thing about Obama that I find highly disturbing is his all consuming ego.  I realize if you’re in the public eye you have to have some extroverted qualities, but this man has absolutely no humility whatsoever.  He reminds me of Adolf Hitler in more ways than one, especially in how he is brainwashing the masses and usurping power that does not belong to him.

Few people remember, or bother to learn enough 20th century history to understand that Hitler actually was elected in a democratic fashion- but he used a democratic process to defeat democracy in Germany.  I can see Obama pulling a stunt like this, given his past actions and his personality, and it scares the hell out of me.  If anyone were to try to become the Dictator of the Socialist States of America, it would be Obama.  He is a very dangerous man.

Last election there was most definitely fraud- we know that dead people voted, illegals voted, and some people voted multiple times.  Now Democrats are trying to shoot down voter eligibility requirements.  Hmmmm, shouldn’t people have to be able to prove eligibility so they can vote?  There is some discrimination involved in this, but it’s of a very minimal nature and it’s not involving race or gender or any of those “it’s illegal to discriminate against” type things.  Women can vote just fine if they show some ID.  Men too, and gays, and blacks, and Latinos, and Asians, and so on.  Anyone who is eligible and can prove it, can vote.  Nothing unconstitutional here at all.   Is this so illegals, felons and dead people (who aren’t eligible to begin with) are able to vote for Democrats?

In the Obama economy the (former) middle class white conservative has been targeted as the enemy.  We are demonized because we believe people should work for a living and that a person should be able to enjoy what they earn.  We are criticized because we don’t believe government is the solution for everything.  We are ridiculed because we know free enterprise works- when it’s allowed to.

Obama is kissing the wrong behinds abroad too.  He lauds the leaders of terrorist harboring nations (while they’re laughing at him behind his back) and throws our allies, like Israel, under the bus.  He insulted the Queen of England (representative of another long term ally) by giving her crappy gifts and not respecting the protocols while visiting her country, but he kisses up to the Saudi king?

Obama is obstructing domestic energy production by failing to approve the Keystone pipeline, by investing in his cronies’ “green energy” scams instead of practical energy plans.  This is keeping the cost of commerce artificially high- and endangering livelihoods that are dependent upon trade and transportation- like mine.  Obama’s failures and poor decisions on energy policy are primary reasons why a rational person would have no choice but to vote against him.

In the Obama economy those who can’t benefit the government machine are expendable- namely the unborn (hence his support of abortion “rights” and the pro-death mentality,) the elderly and/or infirm, and (former) middle class conservatives who don’t agree with him and his socialist agenda.

I don’t like Obama and I don’t like what he stands for.  That’s the extent of the emotional argument, which sort of pales when contrasted with the facts listed above.

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