Privacy Has Its Advantages, Free Speech, and a Nod to the Sleep Deprived

carlin on government

Welcome to redneck heaven.   I still can’t get it why people around me seldom have blinds nor curtains.  I understand real curtains are expensive, but in a pinch a blanket from the Goodwill will serve as a curtain.  Poverty should not overshadow modesty. If there is a will, there is a way.

At any rate, I have no need to invite peeping Toms to gawk in on the happenings in my home.  My shower and my toilet are private.  My living room is private.  So are my laundry room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom.  If I want to wander around in any of them in various states of undress that’s my business, hence the blinds and curtains. I also don’t care to share what types or how much technological equipment or furnishings are or are not in my house, nor do I wish to broadcast my TV viewing to the rest of the block.  Live and let live.

captain obvious

The only things anyone outside of my very select circle of family and friends needs to know about my home and the activities therein are: Yes, I am armed, and yes, I have dogs.  Take my word for both, stay the hell away, and I promise you will not encounter either the hollow points or the canine jaws.

For some reason I have been wanting to nod off all day, and I slept reasonably well last night.  Maybe it’s because I have built up a sleep deficit that would last 10 years before it would even out. I know sleep loss is cumulative, but at some point I would think I would be making some headway on making it up.

I am not one of those people who really has a problem with the rebel flag.  It is historical and it has some sentimental value for people who have roots in the South.  I am not from the South, nor do I have any particular emotional ties with things Southern or of the Confederacy, so I am not going to be flying the stars and bars myself. However, I am not butt-hurt over those who do. It amazes me that even now people are ignorant enough to riot and kill each other over historical symbols.  Both sides- the “Alt-Right” and the “ANTIFA” people have it all wrong.  There is no such thing as “white supremacy” unless you are stupid enough to buy into debunked Nazi myths, and as far as reparations for slavery and all the government entitlement and reverse discrimination horse shit goes, that dog doesn’t hunt either.  No race or ethnic group is superior to another, and no race or ethnic group owes another anything based upon the actions of their ancestors.

If that were the case, the Irish and the Scots- not to mention various Asian and Indian nationalities- should be clamoring for the rest of the world to kiss their behinds.  The reality is that at one point or another all of us had ancestors who were oppressors.  All of us had ancestors who were oppressed too.  How we treat each other now is what matters.  Let It Go.

chain saw

I did have a problem with the guy across the street from Dad who decided to use a Nazi swastika flag as a curtain in his front window.  I found his choice of window treatment most offensive considering my grandfather (Dad’s Dad) fought the Nazis in WWII.  However, this rather dimwitted chap decided to remove it when Dad enlightened him that while it is his first amendment right to express himself, people who fly such flags in public view have a greater than normal chance of having their windows shot out.

Things have a way of working themselves out.

I wouldn’t say that I am easily annoyed.  My coping mechanism is usually to tune out the people who piss me off.  That’s why I haven’t had much commentary in the political or social spheres as of late.  I think it’s bloody hilarious that the same people who whined and cried because conservatives dared to criticize the sainted king Obama, have been positively bloodthirsty and shrilly outspoken in their hatred of Trump.  I think it’s just the way it goes.   It’s ok to hate white people even if you are white, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I notice quite a bit of vitriol directed toward white men who want to end the welfare gravy train.   Follow the money.  Who benefits from the entitlement system?  Why do they object to it being reformed?

Then again, even haters have their first amendment rights.

I don’t understand how racism toward whites somehow makes up for racism against blacks.  Racism is destructive regardless of where it comes from and who it is directed toward.

Sometimes critique of a particular ideology can be construed as a critique of an entire race, which is a dangerous logical fallacy.  Not all white people are white supremacists or Nazis, and in reality a vast majority of white people would never dream of subscribing to the myth of white supremacy or to Nazism.  Most black people are NOT screaming “reparations” or “kill whitey” either.

Hate organizations are hate organizations and should be called out and condemned no matter who their racism targets.  The KKK and Alt-Right and other white supremacist organizations have no place in a civilized, ethnically diverse society.  Neither does ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, or any other organization whose aim is to foster hate and division against other races.

I am curious about all the people so quick to crucify Trump because he didn’t explicitly condemn just the KKK and Alt-Right and all the white supremacist wackos.  He did the correct thing and condemned ALL racial hate groups.


Where were the Trump critics when Obama never had the balls to call out ISLAMIC TERRORISM?  Especially when there were so many egregious examples of it during his administration, so much so that I am convinced to agree that he was in collusion with them?  Trump is definitely not a white supremacist or a supporter of white supremacists.  Obama on the other hand, was a prime enabler of Islamic terrorism.  Why is nobody in the media calling out THAT happy little fact?

Granted, Islam is not a race, and not all adherents of Islam are out there actively promoting jihad, but Islam is a poisoned and flawed political ideology that hides behind the façade of religion. It is naïve and dangerous to pretend otherwise for the sake of “political correctness.” When one’s flawed and poisoned ideology turns into criminal actions that bring harm or death to others, this is where first amendment rights end.

Believe what you will, but there must be consequences should your beliefs trigger you to actions that break the law- regardless of whatever “protected status” you seek.




A Little Personal Dignity, Welcome to the Freak Show, and Modesty Lost

Yes.  Bad ass, and not in a good way.  Woof.

Whatever happened to personal dignity?  I feel guilty when I go through the drive-thru with PJ’s on- but on the rare occasions I do that I usually wear a coat over them, and I’m not getting out of the car parading around in a store.   If I absolutely must take a late night or early morning foray across the road to Speedway or CVS I try to be kind enough to others to a.) put on clothes vs. PJ’s, and b.) wear a hat if I am suffering from Bed Head. 

When I wear shorts they are normally Bermuda-style, and I generally prefer capris or below-knee skirts to shorts as they cover more of my legs.  At no time whatsoever do I appear in public places displaying butt crack, the top of a thong, or midriff.  Nobody wants to see any of those, at least not mine, and besides, we have laws in this country against subjecting others to cruel and unusual punishment.

I have some personal dignity even when it’s hot weather, but it’s certainly not hot weather yet.  I may break out the summer ensembles some time in late May depending upon the weather.    In Central Ohio, March is still part of the limbo snow-booger grey season of  “not quite winter, but definitely not spring” in which one may as well prepare for plenty of cold, wind and rain because that’s what you get.  However, I still see girls wandering about with little more than a tank top, flip-flops and a smile. What the hell are you thinking?  Especially tragic are the ones who dress (or should I say, fail to dress) like the native women in National Geographic but weigh more than many small cars.  Woof.

It is no crime to be large, just dress accordingly.  Nobody wants to see meaty arms, especially complete with an anchor tattoo.  I like her blue hair, though.  Nice touch.

I find it hard to believe anyone would find this pic sexy.  There’s even a warning label in the tights intended to inform the wearer that they are not pants.

‘Nuff said.

Of course I would be willing to relax my own modesty requirements for the male -and buff of bod. 

I don’t know too many dudes who are comfortable enough in their masculinity to wear a pair of Hello Kitty underwear, but given the right physique, it can be a beautiful vision to behold.

The only problem with revealing clothing items for men is that the guys who have absolutely no business wearing garments such as man-thongs or speedos are the ones who do wear them.  I remember one afternoon, when he was very little, taking Steve-o to the pool.   Steve-o, having an eye for the odd and out of place that he has, saw a very fat dude who appeared to be nude, and at that tender age was rather distressed by the fact that someone was nude at the pool. (Today, I’m sure Steve-o would find a skinny-dipper at a public pool most amusing.)  I was going to say something to the manager, because the fat dude appeared to be nude to me also.  I thought he had absolutely nothing on- until he bent over and you could see the slightest hint of red speedo stretched tenuously across his butt cheeks.  His fat rolls covered up his skimpy suit when he stood up.  This is a guy who just might want to consider the boxer-style swim trunk.

I don’t know which is worse, the speedo on a guy who should be wearing boxer-style trunks, or the giant plastic crucifix he’s wearing.  Talk about mixed messages.

I would have to say that 95% of men should wear the boxer-style trunks, to spare the rest of us the rather unsavory visual,  just as 95% of women should be wearing the old-lady skirt type one piece bathing suits (or a two piece that has a long enough top to cover the entire belly area) with the bra inserts in them like I do. 

Has everyone forgotten about modesty?  I don’t believe women should be confined to the burqua or anything draconian like that, but there’s a hell of a lot of space between the burqua and the women in the South American jungles who wear nothing but a leather thong and a smile.  Women with meaty arms should not go sleeveless.  Large women should rethink spandex and tank tops and should avoid anything that shows midriff or thunder thighs.  Even thin women can go without displaying their butt cracks and tramp stamps.

Fat men in speedos are just plain gross.  Any “fashion” that displays a man’s hairy ass crack (whether he is buff and hot or not) needs to go away. 

Steve-o, this includes you dude.  Nasty!

I don’t want to see a dude’s ass crack, or the top of his boxers when he bends over.  Pull your flipping pants up to the waist.  And don’t even think about skinny jeans or spandex unless you look like Steve Perry back in 1981:

If you can wear tight jeans like that, gentlemen, then by all means, go right ahead.