Wankers, Wankers Everywhere

I have to wonder at times what the thought process was behind a number of 80’s hairstyles.  I tried the big hair thing but with my bone-straight and then mousy-brown thick hair- good freaking luck.  Not even spiral perms and vast quantities of AquaNet could pull it off very well as the world’s worst prom picture can attest.

So when my hair turned grey I chopped it off and dyed it black.  Hard to believe that’s been about 15 years now.

It’s a shame hats aren’t more in vogue.  I have a lot of hats and I enjoy wearing them.  But then again I generally don’t give a rat’s ass about other people consider to be fashionable.  If I like it I wear it and if anyone wants to comment on it I say tough titty.  Life is too short to be boring like everyone else.  I may be boring, but I want to be uniquely boring- in a defiant “bite me” sort of way.  I enjoy being a bit controversial and on the edge, especially where I know there will be bleeding heart types and liberal wieners.  If I were ashamed of my beliefs and views I’d change them. I’m not so I won’t, and I don’t hide what I believe either.

The older I get the easier it is to be eccentric and get away with it.  Now I know how my grandma used to wander through the malls making all sorts of downright shocking (and loud) commentary with no one uttering a word.

There is a time for tact and decorum, yes, but the political correctness movement has made too many people afraid to point out the obvious.

We have become afraid to spank miscreant children- and they know all they have to do to get their parents in deep shit is to allege any form of  “abuse.”  (“Abuse” meaning such terrible things as denying them a big screen TV in their room or not letting their 12 year old sleep over party include a “Jackass” film festival.)

We have become afraid to call out those who would threaten this country and hide behind freedom of religion to commit terrorism.  Your freedom of religion ends when your religion calls for you to kill me because I do not subscribe to your religion.

We have become afraid to call a slacker a slacker and to require those who request government assistance to do a few basic things to better themselves such as:   stay off drugs and alcohol, work to acquire job skills, and refrain from breeding while on the public dime.

We have not gained the courage to look beyond a person’s color or nationality or gender and simply say, “I will hire the best person for the job.”

The lessons we humans seem to learn the best are those taught in the School of the Burned Hand.  You can tell a child the stove is hot until you’re blue in the face but until he puts his hand on the hot burner he generally doesn’t get it.   Apparently the people out there who subscribe to all these ridiculous ideas haven’t gotten burned yet- but it is only a matter of time.

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