The Return of the Hello Kitty Yaris, Field Trip to the Eye Doctor, and the Illustrious Steve-o

Certain disclaimers tend to worry me.  I may have grown up in a mildly dysfunctional home, but shitting on the floor was never an option.   If anything the rules we had to abide by as kids (upon penalty of a good  backhanding) were stricter than the world at large.  You were expected to leave the public  bathroom cleaner than you found it which is easy to do these days because most public bathrooms are filthy.   It makes you wonder if the greater population has had any kind of social training.  Perhaps today it would hurt little Finster’s self esteem to be expected to shit in a toilet, who knows?

The Hello Kitty Yaris is back in one piece and looks beautiful.  Jerry still wants me to trade it in which I am still rather ambivalent about.  We will see what the salesman can do and if he is really serious about getting me in a 2010 with the power package.  Yes I would like power locks and windows and the clickie but otherwise I am quite happy to have my car back.  It feels good to drive a manual transmission car again.

Wednesday I had to make my yearly excursion to the ophthalmologist.  They took some pics of my retinas with some funky machine and assured me I don’t have glaucoma or anything else funky going on with my eyes- other than being extremely nearsighted which I was already quite aware of.

There may be something not quite right about making myopia a fashion statement, but I finally broke down and got two new pairs of glasses- one pair of prescription sunglasses and one regular clear pair.  Jerry has not noticed yet even though I’ve been wearing the new regular ones for three days now.  It proves my theory that men do not look at women from the neck up.  Jerry I think only looks at me when I’m bringing him something he wants.

I’ve pretty much given up on wearing contacts for two reasons- one, they are too expensive, and two,  I can’t see worth a shit close up with them any more.  With glasses I can just take them off when I do close up work.  Glasses aren’t quite as hideous as they were back in the day.  If you look at me from the side at just the right angle you can see how thick the lenses are, but the frames actually look pretty cool.  So what.  I can see better with them and don’t have to deal with contacts drying out or gucking up.

Steve-o is hell bent on driving that damned Mitsubishi he has been trying to put together since July.  I really wish that he would be practical and sell that codgered up piece of shit, sell the Integra too, and buy something like a nice, conservative four door Corolla that on the outside is cop-resistant.  Nobody is going to target a little old four door Corolla or suspect a young kid is driving it.   Then he can get all kinds of TRD  goodies for the engine and suspension to make it more fun.  But he thinks he has to look cool.   I think it is more cool to look innocuous on the outside and run like a bat out of hell, (this is what I did with my VW Rabbits back in the day) but that may just be me.

I am curious to see if I really can get into the 2010 for the same money.  I doubt it, but who knows?

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