Sympathy for Sisyphus, White Death ad Nauseam, and Ohio Fried Rabbit

If the stupid people did, by some miracle, shut up, this world would be an eerily quiet place.

So much for global warming, which in my opinion is a flawed theory based on way too little evidence,  hyped up by liberal politicians and the media for extortion and political gain.  I can see the three foot snowdrifts of global warming right out the window.  I’ve not seen this much snow in Central Ohio since 1978- when all the pundits, scientists and pseudo-scientists were claiming it was the beginning of a new ice age.  So far I have been able to get the car out of the driveway so I guess it’s not that horrible.  Besides, what do people in God-forsaken snow covered places like Buffalo or Minneapolis do all winter?   Winter in Central Ohio- where it usually rains more than snows- sucks bad enough without all this snow.  I just hope it melts slowly so as not to flood this entire flat former swamp.

I am sure the plow drivers and others who gain monetarily in times of extreme snow are starting to feel a bit like Sisyphus too- as soon as you get something done you come back to more of the same and then some tomorrow.   Just keep on rolling that big old stone up that steep, steep hill.  If nothing else all that lugging must have done wonders for his glutes.

Nothing like a guy with nice buns. 

I am not generally a fan of fried meat, but Jerry adores fried chicken and related greasy goodies.  I fried up the rabbit I got at the meat market Saturday.  I prefer rabbit baked or boiled up with noodles or dumplings (I have no qualms about eating most “game” meat- and these rabbits were farm-raised, which are even better than ones someone shoots out in the field.)  If he takes the extra pieces to work I doubt if the other guys will go snacking once they see the pieces don’t resemble any chicken they’ve ever had. 

I am almost afraid to find out where the boys are with my car.  I want it back but not until it’s as it should be.  The rental car runs out Friday and I have a bad feeling it won’t be ready by then.  I guess then I just commandeer Jerry’s new truck- the 2010 Tacoma is choice. 

Speaking of choice I had opportunity to watch a hilarious flick- or at least parts of it on Comedy Central the other night when I couldn’t sleep.  I’d seen the first Clerks movie and it was pretty funny, but “Clerks 2” was a riot.  It is not for the prudy or the politically correct. “Porch Monkeys” “Pillow Pants”

I admit I have a twisted sense of humor but I was just about spraying iced tea across the room when Randall goes into the story of his grandmother calling him a porch monkey.  I know my grandmother and especially my great-grandmother used that term as well as many others- not just racial terms but all kinds of creative and downright vulgar insults.  I remember Dad warning us not to repeat everything we hear.  I also remember Dad telling me not to look at the life-size tacky nudie posters his body-tech buddies had plastered everywhere in their home shops too.  Gross.  I am glad the auto body supply houses don’t give out nudie posters and calendars anymore, and that’s not because I’m a prude. I have nothing against guys looking at nudes, it’s just that nude women don’t do anything for me. 

I would rather leave such things to their imaginations.


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