Trolling Through the MP3s, The Agony of Middle Age, and a Remarkable Lack of Remorse

I might also add, unwilling to produce documents to verify that he is indeed a native born citizen and therefore eligible to hold the office of President.  How arrogant can you get?  I have to show my driver’s license and sign all kinds of crap just to buy farking Claritin-D.  No, I am not buying Claritin-Ds because I’m running a meth lab.  I simply like breathing from time to time-as Borat might say, breathing is nice, but I still have to show my driver’s license and follow the rules if I want Claritin-Ds. Why does he think he’s above the rest of us plebes?  If you want to be President of the US, you should have the documentation to prove you are a natural born citizen.  If you aren’t able to prove that (or if you already know you were NOT born in this country) you are not eligible to run, let alone to be sworn in.  It’s in the Constitution, for those who might not be terribly familiar with that document.

Even Ted Kennedy pretended to be sorry when they found Mary Jo dead in his submerged Oldsmobile.   Even Teddy showed up with a neck brace and all, trying to feign innocence while he and everyone else knew he was guilty as hell.  Obama doesn’t even pretend to be remorseful or even willing to admit when he’s wrong.  He simply defies the law with a seething contempt, as if anyone would dare to thwart his almighty will.   This dude is bad news and the sooner he is out of office the better.

Ok, few things are guaranteed to piss me off more than Obama and his pomposity, but I have been too focused on politics lately.  So I decided to  troll through my vast collection of MP3’s to arrange some handy playlists for my new MP3 player (the 8GB Sansa Fuze.) So far I am delighted with it as it is more user friendly and has more storage than the old one.  Of course my music collection is rather dated- most of it is 1985 or older- and the artists range from Carly Simon to Metallica. I do have a few newer items but not too many.  I think Journey’s Revelation is the newest material I have (2008) so I am not entirely relegated to the 80’s.

Few things seem more disjointed to me than going from Metallica to Handel’s Messiah but it’s all on there and if I hit random I get some strange combos.

I need another road trip.  I also need to go get that wade pool from Kathy.  See what I mean about disjointed thoughts?

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