Who are These Geezers and What Did They Do With My Friends?- Vindication Takes a Long Time

I don’t doubt that Reagan is spinning in his grave.  It is a different world- better in some ways, especially in the realm of technology- I can’t say I miss carburetors or cassette tapes for example, and who isn’t enamored of the Internet- but on the whole the world is different as in worse.  Our government is becoming a sick joke, most of my paycheck is eaten up between taxes and insurance, and every nut job on the planet seems to want special rights and handouts at my expense.  It pisses me off to no end.

Maybe if I claimed to be a militant lesbian, or if I were in this country illegally I might get somewhere.   I could even end up on the Supreme Court!   It seems that being a straight white native born woman just makes me responsible for paying for all the screwballs who think they’re special.  Some people think they deserve special rights just for being deviants and perverts- and yes, historically, homosexuality has always been deemed a deviance and a perversion.  Go ahead and live that lifestyle if it floats your boat,  but don’t expect the rest of us to give you preferential treatment for it.  I really don’t care what people do behind closed doors, nor do I really wish to know, but I don’t think there should be special prizes for those who fail to acknowledge that God created human beings male and female for a reason.

I also hold a great deal of contempt for those who want to claim that their ethnic heritage or national origin entitles them to special treatment.   Every ethnic group has suffered servitude at the hands of another group at one time or another.  Get the fark over it already. As long as you aren’t currently a slave, quit your bitching and do something useful with yourself.  Learning English, pulling up your pants, and acquiring marketable skills are three ways of making a good start.    Even though most public schools are abysmal, a person with a little motivation and common sense can actually get an education in spite of them.

Illegals should be deported- period.  Illegal means “against the law.”  When one violates the law there is a penalty.  Get in this country illegally and get deported, how hard is that?  No one from terrorist supporting countries should be allowed in the country for any reason.  People who do wish to immigrate to this country should be only those who a.) speak, comprehend and write English fluently, b.) have NO criminal record of any kind, c.) have marketable employment skills and d.) would not be eligible for any sort of public assistance programs.  Arizona has the right idea.

There is a place for legitimate, legal immigration to this country, but Slick Willie’s plan back in the 90’s of moving a bunch of Somalians who don’t speak English, have no job skills, and have a nice little terrorism and crime syndicate going on back home was really bad for Central Ohio.  Was he on crack?  Just ask our friends on the near east side of Columbus who are dealing with all the drive-bys and drug activity.  Moving the thugs out of Mogadishu to Columbus just brought that chaos and turmoil here.  Hello??

On a lighter note Steve-o finally got roped in to going to the Prom.  Ha-ha.  I will have to bribe Spencer to get me pics of him in dress clothes.  Some day he will look at those old pictures like I do and then look around and wonder who these geezers are and what did they do with my friends in the pictures?

I’ll have to go to Spencer’s graduation which I think is either at the end of this month or the beginning of next.  I feel sort of sorry for the kid but Dad has taken him under his wing.  It amazes me how many of Steve-o’s friends’ parents don’t give a rat’s ass about their kids.  But then a lot of my friends’ parents didn’t either.

The French have a saying: “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”- the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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