Trucker Bombs of Franklin County, Congress Lost Its Wiener (heh-heh) and Creative Marketing

Ok, we all know what trucker bombs are.  If not, see the tutorial here.  I’m starting to see them more often in town which is a disturbing trend.  Of course, in anything gross there is opportunity if you know where to find it.  There’s a guy who makes a calendar based on dog poop called Monthly Doos.  I got Dad one for his birthday once, which was funny, given his general distaste for dogs. If he can make money taking creative pics of dog shit, then I can make money with my photographic skills too.

I can see it now: a calendar containing a different trucker bomb at a different Franklin County exit ramp, intersection or bus stop.

One thing I noticed in our travels down South were the place names.  I spotted this one somewhere along I40 in Tennessee:

Truth in advertising.  I like that.  Now I have to wonder if the creek really stinks.

Congress lost its Wiener today.   Does that break anyone’s heart?  Would it have been different if he had a different name, like Smith or Jones-or Edwards?  Oh, wait a minute, Edwards has been indicted for misappropriating funds to pay off his baby mama, or something like that.  I thought that sordid kind of stuff- screwing anything that moves, spawning illegitimate children and then covering up the little shenanigans using misappropriated funds, was Democrat politics as usual.  He had a higher moral standard than Ted Kennedy- he didn’t drown her in the pond after he’d had his fun.  Then again, Teddy got away with murder, but his last name was Kennedy, and belonging to that family is pretty much a license to screw who you want, remain drunk all you want, and kill whoever you want.

I was amazed at the shit-eating grin in Edwards’  mug shot.  A mug shot is a mug shot after all.  Even if you’re not guilty, (or you’re guilty as hell but you know you’ll get away with it) you shouldn’t regard it as a photo op.

You’d think he was posing for a pic at the Senior Prom.  Either that or he is delusional and convinced he will be vindicated.

Maybe my calendar could include trucker bombs and disgraced politicians.

It could be fun.






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