Channeling for Dummies, and a “Today In History” Lesson

 Today in History, July 27, 1974 : Congress began impeachment proceedings on Richard Nixon.

I have to provide a slight disclaimer here.  I don’t believe in spiritism or communicating with the dead.  It is possible to communicate with the spirit world alright, but according to the Bible when one does that, you’re not talking to your dear departed Aunt Frances and you’re not channeling up George Burns.  Even though you think you might be chatting with someone who’s taking the Dirt Nap, you’ve really been having a convo with Beezelbub and company.  Of course, in Obama’s case, the line between him and Beezelbub is rather blurred anyway.  I’m already convinced that they are already quite good chums, and that Beezelbub’s been in charge of the teleprompter all along.  Just my opinion, that, but I’m pretty sure of it.

She does have skin like a rhinoceros, but not necessarily in a good way.  How about some Oil of Olay?

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton claimed to have gotten messages from Eleanor Roosevelt (Eleanor being the only First Lady I can think of who was both more radical and homelier than both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, but I digress) which not only speaks volumes about where Hillary’s coming from, but about just how extreme Obama and his minions really are.  Learning from history is one thing.  Expecting historical figures to take a hiatus from the Great Beyond just to talk to you speaks both to your own personal narcissism as well as your own insecurities.

This being said, if Obama wants to glean some useful information from the Great Beyond (and again, I don’t believe it’s possible to do that) then Richard Nixon is his man.  If the people can convince the do-nothing Congress to grow a pair and impeach Obama as should have been done early in 2009, that is.  It could happen.  I hope it does.

There is no “working with” Obama and his cronies.  Appeasement does not work with bullies.

The situation the Republicans in Congress have with Obama and his cronies reminds me a lot of myself growing up.  I was the weak and sickly nerdy kid- bad coordination, bad clothes, thick glasses, the whole nerd package. I got the hell beaten out of me on an almost daily basis.  I had my things stolen and broken, and my oldest sister especially, did this with impunity. My sister didn’t stop taking my stuff and pounding on me until she took my car and ran it out of gasoline and almost out of oil.   I finally got pissed, saw red, and on sheer adrenaline alone, I beat the living shit out of her.   To this day- 26 years later- she will not ask to drive any car I own.  Appeasement just convinces bullies that they can extort more and more and that they never have to compromise.  Appeasing a bully just makes you the bully’s whipping post.  Take it from someone who knows.  The only way to defeat a bully is to fight back and show him/her that no means no.

Yes, we the people CAN remove a failed president.

As far as the Thief in Chief, I don’t condone violence or any remedy for B.O.’s despotic and likely illegal regime that isn’t specifically provided for in the Constitution.  The Framers of the Constitution understood human nature and built in a remedy for the people to remove a president who oversteps his boundaries and/or breaks the law.  Obama has already committed multiple impeachable offenses.  It’s just a matter of the leaders in the House of Representatives having the stones to not just call him on it but to actually DO it.  The Senate will follow suit when they realize that the public outrage against Obama might just extend to them too.  Stranger things have happened.

Even though impeachment might be a sort of symbolic thing (like it was with Bill Clinton) it effectively kept him under wraps and was at the very least a form of damage control.

Personally I think Obama should take the hint from Dick Nixon and bypass the drama, although I doubt if his incredible narcissism will allow him to.  Resign now and keep at least a shred of dignity, or wait until all the dirty scandals are dragged out in the open.

2 thoughts on “Channeling for Dummies, and a “Today In History” Lesson

  1. Appeasement IS death. A slow one.

    While I agree that Elanor Roosevelt was a butt-ugly woman, I think Hillary sometimes gets a bad rap. I don’t think she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and the mom-wear pantsuits don’t do anything for her sex-appeal, but I never thought she was hideous. Chelsea, who was the butt of so many jokes in the 90s turned out to be a pretty gal. I think Michelle Obama is attractive,albeit in a severe way (I had to check to make sure ‘severe’ wasn’t dog-whistle code for ‘black’ before I wrote that).

  2. Hillary is best described as frumpy. She’s plain- and I understand that one, being rather on the physically unremarkable, bland and boring side myself. I am well aware of my aesthetic shortcomings and I try to make up for them with cosmetics, attire, and strategically placed accessories, all of which help mitigate my bad luck in the genetic lottery to some degree. At least most of the time I don’t scare the hell out of children and small dogs.

    But sometimes Hillary looks like she either doesn’t care at all about her appearance or she just stopped trying, which is sad. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, could be a pretty woman, but what makes her appear ugly to me is that her contempt for the world and evil intent just ooze out of her face, as if she had death rays shooting out of her eye sockets.

    That’s scary coming from someone like me who is weak in interpreting non-verbals, because if I can see anger and malice just in her expression and body language then God and everyone else can too. I’d rather see a rather plain and homely woman with a good heart and a pleasant expression than a “beautiful” woman with a cold heart and evil eyes. Just my opinion. But I agree, Eleanor Roosevelt was butt ugly any way you slice it.

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