Scenic Central Ohio, Happy Halloween, and the Moochers’ Banquet

scenic central ohio

Nothing says “high class” like an aspiring rug salesman fast asleep atop his wares…

At least his business associate stayed home today and the both of them weren’t sleeping in the rugs again.

The not-so-savory view across the road makes me almost wish they hadn’t closed the Swifty station, even though every time they were three cents a gallon cheaper than the stations down the road, the Somalians would line up for what seemed to be miles up and down Morse Road.  I am averse to just about everything that blocks traffic, especially when all I’m trying to do is get out of the parking lot and get to Sally’s to get my hair dye.

Given my morbid sense of curiosity, I have to imagine what kind of exotic vermin are hiding out in those magic carpets- bed bugs, cockroaches, lice, or who knows what divers kinds of insect life that is not indigenous to the Midwest?

The native insect life is quite bad enough, thanks.  The last thing we need here is an(other) infestation of some exotic and impossible to eradicate pest.  It’s bad enough the Somalians and others hailing from cultures not accustomed to indoor plumbing, washing clothing regularly, and tending to daily hygiene brought in trillions of bed bugs.


I absolutely loathe unauthorized insect life- especially those that bite and/or spread disease.

As far as the unfortunate rug salesman, in his defense, at least the poor guy is trying to do something somewhat honest (providing that the rugs aren’t hot) rather than just collecting a welfare check and looting the grocery stores the entire first week of every month.  Which reminds me, I’d better stop off at Costco and Target tonight and get scripts, coffee and dog food unless I want to fight off the unwashed masses tomorrow.  Costco doesn’t take SNAP, (boy howdy how I wish Kroger’s and Speedway didn’t take it either, believe that) and you have to be a member, so that cuts down on the first-of-the-month free-for-most (but certainly NOT me) there, but you can’t buy everything at Costco.  I don’t need to buy toilet paper 96 rolls at a time, for instance, and I don’t have anywhere to put 15 gallons of mustard.

It’s not going to sound very nice (since when do I worry about that) but there’s a lot in common between the government gimme crowd and trick-or-treaters.

For example, both government moochers and trick-or-treaters wear sometimes lame, sometimes colorful, but always interesting clothing and hair styles:

trick or treat

 Trick or Treat- how cute!

walmart shopper

I guess if you don’t have to worry about dress codes, anything goes!

I guess if you’re going to loot the grocery stores on my dime, thanks for at least giving me a good show.

3 thoughts on “Scenic Central Ohio, Happy Halloween, and the Moochers’ Banquet

  1. I wish I could put away 15 gallons of mustard. Truly, it is king of the condiments.
    I didn’t realize that so many Somali residents settled in Ohio. I know there are big communities in Maine, but I haven’t met any on the West Coast. Bed bugs are making a comeback everywhere, unfortunately.

    • It seems that a good number of Somalians ended up in Columbus and Minneapolis back in the 1990s. I didn’t know about Maine, but northeast Columbus has been overrun. I have to wonder why they took desert people and put them in cold climate areas because I’m sure if they’d been given their choice they’d have picked Texas or Arizona for the climate at least. A good number of them have made the effort to become contributing members of society, but others have been dedicated to petty theft and maintaining criminal networks. I know there are efforts being made to help local immigrants learn English and to understand the benefits of things like personal hygiene and why it’s necessary to have car insurance, but it’s an uphill battle.

      As far as mustard goes, it rules. Especially when combined with horseradish.

      • Especially when combined with horseradish.

        Truly, you are a woman after my own heart.

        they’d have picked Texas or Arizona for the climate at least.

        Hold on now. Maybe they were thinking, “You know, this place is kind of a shithole. What if we lived somewhere that WASN’T an equatorial desert?”

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