Politically Incorrect, Fashion Forward, and More Things I Shouldn’t Do

old people in bad shirts

Sometimes I have to wonder when I see old people wearing stuff like this. I’d bet Nixon was in office the last time this dude gave a mustache ride.  The chick in the “virgin” t-shirt probably lost it sometime around V-E Day.   Do they really read the t-shirts, or do they just put something on because it’s clean?  Or do they just put something on because they’re going to be painting, or varnishing, or prancing around in dirty things so they really don’t care?

When I wear snarky t-shirts (and I wear them a lot) I usually have my snark-effect planned out. I want people to wonder when they see me in a shirt that says, “Only Trust People Who Like Big Butts, They Cannot Lie.”  The “big butt” comment is even funnier when the reader of the shirt realizes that I am, shall we say, “bootily challenged.”  I have the flattest, most non-existent white-bread ass on the planet. Except maybe for my illustrious son.

If that’s the story behind these oldsters’ fashions, more power to them.  Keep ’em wondering.

For the younger set, Nixon was in office from 1969-1974. As far as American presidents go, Nixon gets a bad rap.  The dude was a choir boy compared to Bill Clinton, and a veritable saint when compared to the current illegitimate occupant of the White House.  But get me started on the detestable Barry O., and my rants can go on for days.


V-E Day (the day Allied victory was won in Europe) is May 8, 1945. The more I think about it, I bet a lot of people lost their virginity on V-E Day.  I can’t really correlate Nixon’s presidency with mustache rides, (I know when I think “sexy,” Richard Nixon doesn’t come to mind) other than to comment that in the 1970’s almost all VD was curable.

stamp out vd2

Sit on your ass and keep your mouth shut. That’s not terribly heroic, but it is 100% effective in preventing all forms of VD!

I wonder if it is considered offensive to refer to Germans as “Huns” (generally a WWI reference) or “Krauts” (generally a WWII reference) or is it OK to use either term- because Germans are white?

I know that the term “Cracker” is considered derisive (in some circles) when directed at white people from the American South, but when did it become gauche to make fun of rednecks?  It seems rednecks are the only socio-ethnic group that it’s OK to malign.

offended yoda

It’s time to stop worrying about offending people.

Speaking of which….In spite of myself, I really like Donald Trump.  I don’t know if I would really want him to be President (although I would gladly prefer my dead dog Sheena over the current illegitimate squatter) but I do like him speaking the truth and rocking the boat.  HIs politically incorrect approach is refreshing, if nothing else. There are people who need to be offended, and who need to have their heads pulled out of their asses.  If we haven’t learned anything else from the debacle of the Obama Administration, we should know that we need to call a turd a turd.  Those who don’t get it that the “Emperor” is naked – as well as being morally bankrupt and an aider and abettor of terrorism to boot- richly deserve a wake up call.    If Trump accomplishes that, more power to him.  The only thing I don’t want to see is a replay of Ross Perot, who in a roundabout way (another 20th century history lesson, kiddies) bought us eight long years of Bill Clinton.


If it’s cylindrical, brown, and left by the cat, it is best to assume the item is NOT a Tootsie Roll.

My cats are generally really good about using their boxes, and most cats are unless you let the boxes go too long or the cat is sick or something.  Healthy cats usually don’t have much trouble shitting where they’re supposed to.  Of course, the cats have the basement to themselves, with a small (too small for dogs) cat door so they can come and go downstairs as they need,. locker room

I didn’t generate this meme. I’m enough of a grammar Nazi to know that the author should have used “to” instead of “too.”

Still, it’s a good point.

I can use the men’s locker room and watch the sausage show.  Or not.  It would be my luck that the guys who wear Speedos but who should be wearing Bermudas would be showering.  I’d get a big old eyeful of something like this:

fat man in speedo

Better for me to shower in the women’s – and dress modestly behind the curtain.

2 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect, Fashion Forward, and More Things I Shouldn’t Do

  1. Heh. I’d get a kick out of your “Big Butts” shirt (you otha brothas can’t deny). I wear pretty much only T-shirts. A lot of ’em are plain and a lot are concert shirts. I’ve just retired my two “message” shirts–one, I’d had for over ten years (an ex-GF gave it to me). It said, “Cut Your Mullet!” I kept it mostly for sentimentality. The other said “FREE WEED,” which of course refers to the State of Jefferson secessionist movement (centered in Weed, California), and has nothing to do with the sweet, sweet cheeba.

    I don’t care for Donald Trump at all. He’s a vulgar ass. HOWEVER, like you, I find his complete lack of political correctness refreshing. I hope that has a carry-over effect to one of the non-loathsome candidates.

    Regarding Kraut–nah, it’s like “honkey” in that it has little power. As a kraut whose dad emigrated from Krautland (and who has the krauty name to prove it–I think you probably know what it is), I’ve got no problems with it.

    I have mixed feelings about dudes in speedos who should be wearing Bermudas. Sometimes I feel as you do–“Come on, have some modesty,” but sometimes I feel like, “Why are we so upset by imperfect human bodies?” I think sometimes because WE’RE (and I definitely include myself in this) to go out like that, we throw shade on people who have the guts (pun intended!) to do it.

    • Agreed that Trump is no Ronald Reagan- he has the boldness, and I find boldness most refreshing in this effeminate, politically correct world, but not the finesse. I’d love to see someone with both boldness and finesse, but I don’t think that combo exists anymore. (Unless of course , Chuck Norris is running, but I don’t think he is.)

      All the heroes really have gone east of Eden, (if I may quote a rather obscure Journey lyric) at least as far as I can see. It’s a shame that most of the time, guys who have balls also seriously lack tact. There are several presidential contenders that are plenty tactful, but seriously lack balls. Then there’s Hillary, who has neither tact nor balls. After Obama, I’d take balls over tact any day, especially when it comes to foreign policy.

      Trump is making the tired old GOP hierarchy re-examine its milquetoast approach if nothing else, and that is a good thing, The problem is that approach is so heavily ingrained in the old school GOP hierarchy that it takes someone as self-serving and vulgar as Trump to point out what should be obvious: the GOP should be an 180 degree alternative to the dreadful PC dog-and-pony show that is the status quo rather than to run in lock step with it. If it takes Trump to be the antidote to Obama and cronies, so be it. I just hope he doesn’t do the 3rd party Ross Perot thing- which if history repeats itself, would likely buy us *gag choke retch* Hillary,

      I’m a bit old school about attire and body image. My take is that there is no crime in being large or ill-proportioned, and technically one can wear whatever floats his or her boat, but it’s so much kinder to the oculars of others to dress with tact and modesty in mind. I dress for coverage simply because I respect the Constitution enough (specifically the 8th Amendment in this instance) not to inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon those who have to look at my sorry carcass.

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